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With over 30 years in banking, investments, and finance, Chris leverages his deep industry knowledge to demystify complex investment concepts and strategies, providing community bankers with actionable insights and tools to navigate the challenges of fixed-income investing and portfolio management effectively.

Chris is the founder and President of Bond Investment Mentor, providing investment training and mentoring services to community bankers.  He is also the host of the Bond Investment Mentor podcast, covering fixed-income securities and investment portfolio management for community financial institutions.

Chris is also president of Nelson Capital Advisors, an investment advisory and consulting firm serving community-based financial institutions.

Chris formerly served as the Chief Investment Officer and Director of Finance & Treasury for a New England-based community bank. In addition to managing the bank’s investment portfolio as it grew from $200 million to more than $1 billion, he was responsible for supervising the bank’s financial operations relating to liquidity and funds management, asset/liability and interest rate risk management, loan and deposit rate setting, hedging and derivative activities, and international services.

Customized Speaking Topics for Your Audience

Every audience and event is unique, which is why Chris ensures the content delivered is customized specifically for your audience’s background, experience level, and needs.  Drawing on more than three decades of experience in banking, investments, and finance, he develops presentations that resonate with specific challenges and goals.  Whether seeking to deepen understanding of fixed-income investing, enhance portfolio management skills, or navigate the latest market conditions or financial regulations, Chris aims to provide practical insights that increase understanding and strengthen skills in the community banking industry.

Past Speaking Topics

  • Taming the MBS Prepayment Beast
  • Rewriting the Investment Playbook
  • Creating Clarity in a Difficult Investment Environment
  • 3 Keys to Investment Success (In Any Rate Environment)
  • Managing Through the Investment Storm
  • Investment Conversations with Your Board
  • Managing Investment Policy Through the Rearview Mirror
  • Investment Portfolio Fundamentals for Financial Institutions
  • Building an Investment Strategy
  • Investment Strategies for Uncertain Times

Past Speaking & Training Events

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◆ April 2023 – Chicago CEO Roundtable, Chicago, IL

◆ May 2023 – Community Bank Investments School, Denver, CO

◆ July 2023 – Graduate School of Banking at Colorado, Boulder, CO

◆ August 2023 – Pacific Coast School of Banking, Seattle, WA

◆ September 2023 – Economic & Investment Forum, Las Vegas, NV

◆ September 2023 – Conference of State Bank Supervisors Fall Regulatory Summit, Denver, CO

◆ October 2023 – Executive Development Institute, Westminster, CO


◆ May 2022 – Community Bank Investments School, Denver, CO

◆ July 2022 – Graduate School of Banking at Colorado, Boulder, CO

◆ September 2022 – Economic & Investment Forum, Las Vegas, NV


◆ February 2021 – Darling Consulting Group Client Webinar (Virtual)

◆ February 2021 – Community Bank Investments School (Virtual)

◆ April 2021 – Federal Home Loan Bank of Boston Webinar (Virtual)

◆ June 2021 – Darling Consulting Group Balance Sheet & Model Risk Management Conference (Virtual)

◆ July 2021 – Graduate School of Banking at Colorado, Boulder, CO


◆ May 2020 – Graduate School of Banking at Colorado Webinar (Virtual)

◆ October 2020 – Financial Managers Society Webinar (Virtual)

Upcoming Dates

April 9, 2024  –  California Dept. of Financial Protection and Innovation (Sacramento, CA)

May 20-23, 2024  –  Community Bank Investments School (Denver, CO) (More Information)

May 29, 2024  –  Georgia Dept. of Banking and Finance (Jekyll Island, GA)

June 10-11, 2024  –  Darling Consulting Group Balance Sheet & Model Risk Management Conference (Boston, MA) (More Information)

July 14-26, 2024  –  Graduate School of Banking at Colorado (Boulder, CO) (More Information)

August 18-30, 2024  –  Pacific Coast Banking School (Seattle, WA) (More Information)

October 13-16, 2024  –  GSBC Executive Development Institute (Westminster, CO) (More Information)

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