Bond Investment Mentor Fixed Income Pre-Purchase Checklists

Research bond ideas.
Make decisions faster and with confidence.

These free due diligence checklists will help you fine-tune your investment decision making and organize your pre-purchase process to ensure you have the answers you need both before and after the investment trade is executed.

Each of the eight worksheets contains areas to capture relevant trade information, the reasons for the purchase, and the risks associated with the investment.  They also include a list of resources to help in your bond analysis and evaluation.

Have the Answers You Need Before AND After the Purchase

Cover Your Due Diligence Bases

  • Use the checklists to capture the rationale for your purchase and the risks associated with it.
  • The list of resources helps ensure you have the pre-purchase information you need to evaluate a prospective fixed income investment.

Organize Your Investment Analysis

  • After the trade is done, you will have a complete due diligence file, allowing you to review the investment analysis and decision later.
  • You’ll also be able to demonstrate the due diligence you performed for management, auditors and examiners.

Spend Less Time Analyzing Bonds

  • Make sure you have pulled together the due diligence information you need to make an investment decision.
  • Save time in your decision making!

Be More Confident in Your Decisions

  • All you investment information gathered in one place, for pre- and post-purchase analysis.
  • Feel confident that you have performed an organized and in-depth analysis of your prospective investment.

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