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Do you need to have a better understanding about investments?  Are you newer to your community banking role and need to strengthen your investment skills?  Ready to get your investment training off to the right start?

When you are getting started with investments and portfolio management, it can be challenging to figure out where to begin.  What concepts should you learn first to give you the solid foundation you need for what follows?

Plus, how do you find resources that aren’t too academic and have a “real world” perspective?  Most importantly, where can you find investment training that focuses on the needs of community bankers and provides impartial and objective information?

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We’ve Got You Covered!

Bond Investment Mentor and the Graduate School of Banking at Colorado have teamed up to create Bond Basics, a self-paced online course that lays the foundation of investment knowledge, giving you a fundamental background in bank investments and managing an investment portfolio.  If you are a community banker that needs to get up to speed on investments or wants to improve your investment skills and feel more confident as a portfolio manager, this course is for you!

The Bond Basics course will provide you or a member of your team training in the essentials of fixed-income investing and portfolio management.  It’s especially helpful in laying the groundwork for someone who is newer to their role with the investment portfolio.

The course covers the following areas:

      • Essential terms and concepts of fixed-income investments
      • Understanding yield, how to measure it, and what drives it
      • Yield curves and spreads
      • Spot and forward interest rates
      • Key investment risks for portfolio managers
      • Introduction to government bonds, mortgage securities, CMOs, and municipal bonds
      • Introductory concepts in portfolio management

The Course that I Wish I Had When I Started

When I designed the lessons in the Bond Basics course, I created the kind of course that I wish had been around when I was first learning about managing a financial institution’s investment portfolio.  While I had a general idea of what was required, it would have been helpful to have a better understanding of the fundamentals and a refresher on the key concepts I needed to know.

I have drawn on my three decades of experience to build a course that will help you lock down the core concepts and get you started on the right foot!  The course includes:

•  Five modules (19 lessons) of content

•  Almost four hours of video lessons

•  Additional audio versions of each lesson

•  Lesson summaries and review exercises

•  Module & course assessments

•  Discussion forums for questions and support

Bond Basics Materials
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Special Bonus!

If you register for Bond Basics today using the button below, you’ll also receive a complimentary 60-minute mentoring session as a free bonus!

This is your chance to spend an hour with someone who’s walked in your shoes for more than three decades, getting answers to your investment and finance questions.  You’ll also get guidance and perspective on the challenges your facing, while learning from someone in a personal, one-on-one setting.

Want to learn more about one-on-one mentoring?  Click Here!

Bond Basics Registration & Fees


Institutions and all associated registrants are required to be employees or directors of taxable, FDIC-insured institutions or bank holding companies, bank regulators, or employees of closely-related affiliates of these organizations.  If you are affiliated with a credit union and interested in registering for the course, please contact us.

Course Fee

  • Initial registration covers one student per institution

Initial Registration

$1,325 per student

Refund Policy:  All program registration cancellations must be received in writing.  If a participant cancels prior to the start of the program, there will be a full refund of all fees paid with the exception of a $200 administration fee.  A participant who cancels after the program has started will be liable for the full fee.