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Hi, I’m Chris!

I help community banks and credit unions master the skills of fixed income investments and portfolio management.  Let’s find a way to optimize your institution’s investment risk/reward performance!

The Fixed Income Institute is Open!

Master fixed-income investing and portfolio management in a program designed especially for community bankers!  Bond Investment Mentor’s Fixed Income Institute is your one-stop source for understandable, unbiased investment training.

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These checklists will help you organize your due diligence and fine-tune your decision making!

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All you need to know about the info contained in the Bloomberg yield tables for mortgage securities!

Cover of Bond Investment Mentor Broker-Dealer Due Diligence Checklist

Gather and organize the information you need for new or existing broker-dealer relationships!

Joe Johnson

“Chris is great at demystifying Bloomberg for those of us who don’t have terminals as well as bringing clarity to the jargon used in that world.  Whether you’re green, have a few years experience, or are a seasoned pro, I recommend checking his stuff out.  Big thanks to Chris for all the content and help you’re providing to us bankers!”

Joe Johnson

Llano, Texas

Online Investment Training

Strengthen Your Investment Skills by Mastering the Basics!

Bond Investment Mentor and the Graduate School of Banking at Colorado have teamed up to create Bond Basics to provide you with the fundamentals in bank investments and portfolio management.  If you are a community banker that wants to improve your investment skills and feel more confident as a portfolio manager, this course is for you!

The Bond Investment Mentor Podcast

Are you searching for an objective source to help you understand how to manage fixed income investments for your financial institution?  Each week, join Chris Nelson, a 30-year banking and investment veteran, as he covers fixed income securities and investment portfolio management, and discusses the latest news and developments in the financial markets.

Mentoring for Community Bankers

Take your professional development to the next level! A 1-on-1 mentoring relationship provides highly tailored and individualized training for community financial institution executives.  Imagine working closely with a seasoned professional who will show you the way!  You’ll be more knowledgeable, feel more confident, and be more effective in your job role.

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